Advancing education in the community by:

  • providing community food security education programs that focus on the natural resources of the local area and that develop community engagement with year-round food production and accessibility to locally-grown food and sustainably-harvested fish products
  • providing marine life education services and interpretive information on the Coast region and it’s marine heritage through the establishment of a centre for marine education through educational outreach services in schools in the Sunshine Coast area

Advancing health in the community by:

  • providing a community kitchen and programming that develops community awareness of healthy food options and the health benefits of seasonal eating
  • providing access to locally-grown, seasonal food and sustainably-harvested fish products



Advancing the public’s appreciation of the arts by: 

  • providing a forum, including an artist-in-residence program for qualified local artists to exhibit, present or perform their artistic works and for the local community to engage directly with artists.